Youth Protection Training

Youth Protection Training (YPT) is a joining requirement for all adult leaders at all levels and must be retaken every two years. If a leader’s YPT record is not current at the time of recharter, that adult will not be reregistered with the unit. YPT is quick and easy to take online at This site is also accessible by people who are not registered in Scouting, so that they can submit their training date or certificate along with their application.



One of the best investments

Training is one of the best investments an adult or youth leader can make in the success of their unit. Aloha Council, the BSA, and local districts offer a wide spectrum of training to make sure every leader reaches their potential and keeps growing.

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To be considered trained and wear the Trained patch on their sleeve, adult leaders must first complete Youth Protection Training, then the training below for their position:

Cub Scout leaders

Den Leaders and assistants: Den Leader Training

Cubmasters and assistants: Cubmaster Training

Pack committee members: Pack Committee Training

All of these trainings are offered online at!

Boy Scout & Varsity leaders

Scoutmasters/Coaches and assistants: Scoutmaster/Coach Training and Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (offered in-person)

Troop/Team committee members: Troop/Team Committee Challenge (offered online)

Venturing leaders

Advisors and associates: Venturing Advisor Training

Crew committee members: Crew Committee Challenge

Both of these courses are offered online!

Sea Scout leaders

Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training (offered online)

Exploring leaders

Advisors and associates: Advisor Training (offered online)

Post or club committee members: Post/Club Committee Training (offered online)

Wood Badge

Wood Badge training is available to registered adult members of the Boy Scouts of America

Check our calendar for next Wood Badge course

National Youth Leadership Training

Training offered: Check our calendar for next NYLT course

There are lots of options for adults to go beyond the basic training. The next step for fully trained leaders is Wood Badge, a week-long intensive leadership course offered once a year at a council camp. There are also a multitude of opportunities to learn more throughout the year, such as University of Scouting, the College of Commissioner Science, and monthly podcasts from the BSA.

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For a youth in Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, or Venturing to be considered fully trained and wear the Trained patch on their uniform sleeve, they must take Introduction to Leadership Skills for their program. This course can be facilitated by adult leaders on the unit level and is also sometimes offered at University of Scouting. The next step is National Youth Leadership Training, an outdoors-based intensive leadership development course offered yearly at council camps. From there, youth leaders can go to even bigger training courses like National Advanced Youth Leadership Experiences, offered at national high-adventure bases.

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